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The Dogwood Difference

   From the moment you step onto Dogwood Farm, you will experience a place made for dogs to enjoy. Fresh air breezes permeate the comfortable indoor kennels where your dog will enjoy fresh, cool water from our wells and a comfortable, ventilated bed off the floor. 

   In May of 2016 we installed Solar powered air conditioning and heating. When it is hot outside in the summer, we are able to harness the sun and cool the kennel building. In the winter time, these hybrid units grab the sun and turn it into extra efficient heat. No sun? No problem. The units are connected to the grid so they continue to work during rain storms and overnight.  

The outdoor runs are spacious and shaded from the afternoon sun.

Then, there are the large outdoor play areas. 4 giant yards, fenced in and ready for fun. For the sporting dog, there is over an acre of grass to roam and play in

If appropriate, and the weather permits, your pet can spend the whole day playing outside with our other guests.       

Bring your dogs to a place that they'll want to return to over and over again. They can even come just to play as part of our daycare program.

Jasper & Lola

 Kara in first snow at the Farm

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