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To Our Dogwood Farm Family:


We want you to know how we are caring for your pets during this time of COVID-1 9.

Our kennels are licensed and inspected by the NC Department of Agriculture. They inspect us twice a year and review our safety and hygiene procedures.

Even before this health crisis, DFK has always sanitized the kennels with approved disinfectants that are safe to pets and humans while destroying bacteria and viruses. Each individual kennel is fully sanitized after being used. Food and water bowls are also sanitized on a daily basis.

We also took the opportunity, during the time our kennels were empty, to do an extra deep cleaning of the entire facilty.

We are proud to say that in the 14+ years of serving this community, Dogwood Farm Kennels has never had an outbreak of any canine disease.

As you return to traveling, we will continue to care for your pets as if they were our own.

Thank you for using Dogwood Farm Kennels for your boarding and grooming.


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