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Grooming as you like it

Call Wendy Now: 828-216-4407

We do our best to meet your grooming needs. Most of our customers want a clean, nice looking dog and are not looking for a fancy show cut. We understand that and always strive to make your dog look the way you choose.

Wendy is a graduate of Grooming Academy and a member of the National Association of Professional Dog Groomers. 

We use only the highest quality shampoos and conditioners to maintain your dog's coat and skin in the best condition possible. We will always let you know if we find anything of concern on your dog's skin or coat. We also check out teeth and ears.

We are accustomed to grooming and bathing all types and sizes of dogs. We also offer de-shedding programs that help keep your dog's hair off your floors.

Our grooming is done gently and, as always, your dog is treated like one of our own.

BATHING: If your dog only needs a bath, one of our caring team members will make sure they are clean and comfortable. All baths are given using our hydrotherapy bathing system and include an Organic Tearless Blueberry Facial, Deep Coat Conditioning, Ears Cleaned, and Nails Trimmed.

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