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Thank you everybody for your extremely kind words.

Ted Lippert - January 2021

Truly amazing people that care! If you are looking for a kennel this is it!

​Mathew Sabine - December 2020

Best kennel around!

​Kelli Dendy - November 2020

Josh, Mike and Astrid give Oliver a home away from home. They are wonderful and I never worry about my fur baby when he is at the this place!!

​Colleen Stitch - October 2020

We took our Golden Retriever to Dogwood Farm for doggy day care. About 6 hours later we picked up one happy , worn out pup.

The staff is the best, they will treat your pet as they would their own. We will definitely be repeat clients.

Robbie Satterfield-  September 2020

 I highly recommend this place. You have to take your pet to understand fully what this place is like. It is far above the average kennel. My dog whines for a day after I bring him back home because he misses his doggy friends and he misses Josh terribly.

Candy Bombardier - April 2020

 It’s not always easy to find a suitable place to board our Great Dane Murphy due to his fear issues with just about everything. Dogwood Farms was a great find for us for when we need to have a place for him to stay. Josh was amazing with him, very well educated with dogs and dog behavior and was wonderful in every way. We are extremely pleased with our experience for Murphy and his “parents”. Thank you so much for the care you provided.

Danielle Overman - March 2020

 This is the best place around hands down. They are absolutely amazing with the dogs, I can always tell when our pup gets home that he was well cared for and got plenty of play time while he was there. They are very accommodating with last minute changes or dropoffs, and it’s always easy for me to get a quick response via email. They’re just amazing, and I’m so grateful to have a wonderful place to drop off my dog and know he’s being well cared for.

Grey Axtell - March 2020

 This is a great place for my dog to run free during the day. They keep the dogs safe. My dog loves to stay here.

Danny Richardson - February 2020

 They always take great care of our dog.

Tracy Gallagher - January 2020

 Dogs love it

Sandra Everhart - October 2019

 My dogs love to go there!

Mario Sergio - September 2019

 Great place

Alesa Rabon - September 2019

 This is the only kennel we will use from now on! We’ve used others in the past, and my because my dogs aren’t spayed/neutered (and weren’t allowed in the play yard with other dogs) they were only let out for two potty breaks and one 15 minute play time (that we had to pay extra for). Dogwood Farm kennels is amazing and easy to work with! They have several different fenced in areas that are separated. If there’s a dog that isn’t good with other dogs or In heat (like my female was), they’re able to have their own LARGE space to run free. My pups came back worn out and I know they got tons of play time. Josh/Mike always responded to my texts to check up on the pups. They were very understanding when plans changed last minute and we were able to pick up our pups for 2 days and then drop them back off. I have 2 large German shepherds and I know that they are a handful but josh and mike worked with it. I like how Josh controls the dogs and doesn’t let them just pull him around (mine love to pull when excited..) They recommended an amazing trainer for our pups and we will be starting training in the next few months. Thank you Dogwood Farm Kennels for keeping Zeke and Zoe while we were on vacation!

Amanda Bailey Casey - August 2019

 Facility clean and well maintained. Friendly and caring staff.

Judy Ogg - July 2019

 We wouldn't trust our dog with just anyone. Josh and crew are wonderful with her. The farm is now a place she gets excited to see when we pull in to the "Barking Area". The huge fenced in play areas, the indoor kennels, the country setting - all make for a great (and safe) place to leave our beloved dog when we have to be away.

Sabrina Arledge - June 2019

 My dogs love Josh's facilities. He is very attentive to his clients.

Mark Simonds - June 2019

 Dogwood Farm Kennels is awesome! Worth the drive - you won't be disappointed. We've used the kennel to board our Roxy several times now... and each time she comes home very happy. Josh takes good care of all the dogs and treats them like they were his own pets.

Greg Junge - May 2019

 We Found Dogwood farm kennels almost 10 years ago when we took our first long trip after getting our dog. He is an Italian greyhound with a little crazy personality. We worried that he wouldn't do well anywhere he stayed because of his neurotic behavior. But he has always has a great stay at Dogwood, since the first stay I think he has been back at least 15 more times when we travel and he always comes home tired and happy. He gets so much more exercise there running with the other dogs he looks more fit when we bring him home!

We love the small close to home feel you get at the Kennel and would recommend them to anyone!

Lisa Loftus - May 2019

 I was nervous about boarding my 2 big dogs but all worked out quite well! Dogs had plenty of play time and came home happy, healthy and playful. Great business, very concientious also.

Karen Kniffin - April 2019

 My Dogs have stayed here three or four times now for extended periods of time and they will definitely stay here the next time I have to go out of town!

I always feel confident that my dogs are being cared for and when ever I have reached out via text or phone to make reservations or ask questions I've always gotten a fast response from Josh. They are happy to come here and are always calm and happy when I pick them up! I highly recommend Dogwood Farm Kennels!

Lisa Cyr- April 2019

 Wendy is great! Our poodle does very good for her and she looks so good after her grooming!

Alpha Boost Juice Horse Greens, Beets & Greens - March 2019

 We are so happy we found Josh and Dogwood farm. Dakota always comes home happy, healthy and tired, yeah! He can be a little hyper, (cattle dog) but after a weekend at Dogwood playing with his friends, he is ready for his bed.

Lolly Edgerton - March 2019

 Our dogs absolutely love coming here! Josh and crew take such good care of them. We have only had positive experiences here, and it is wonderful to have a place to take our dogs where we never have to worry about them. We are beyond grateful for Dogwood Farm Kennels. It is truly the best!!

Kasie Cassell - January 2019

 We boarded our dogs, Julius and Harper, in a shared kennel while visiting with family for 6 days. Josh was so kind, welcoming, attentive, and helpful. We toured the facility and found large kennels and a large fenced play area. Our dogs were happy and tired when we picked them up and seemed to have loved all the play time and attention. They got their toys back and had received their medication as we requested. Definitely recommend using this place if your pups love a lot of play time and attention!

Bob WooWoo - December 2018

 Josh is a great guy! He loves dogs!

Gretchen Kelly - September 2018

 Josh was very pleasant to speak with when I drove out to visit a client's dog that was boarding with them. The kennel looked and smelled clean, and the dogs appeared happy in the surroundings.

Mike Vaickus - July 2018

I trust them with my dogs like no one else

J. Johnson

 Emma loves staying at this facility. They know her and us by sight and appear to always be welcoming to see 

Dana Kind - April 2018

 Woof woof, woof woof woof! Bow wow. Woof woof, ruff ruff, woof woof. Arf! Arf! Arf! Bow wow, arf arf?


(Translation: Wow, I love going to Dogwood! Really. Can't wait to play with friends. Run! Fun! Free! Let's play, you coming?)

Michele Eigler - Jan 2018

 Josh and Astrid are remarkable! Our pack gets excited when they see they're going back to "camp"! I highly recommend it!

Jeannette Hahn - April 2017

 This boarding facility is top notch ran and when they say your dog is treated like family they are. It was a pleasure meeting the owner Josh, we thank you for taking such good care of our little Gus while we camped at the Tyon Equestrian center, you are very close and convinent to leave our pet with.

Ryan Bowen - January 2017

Companies like Dogwood Farm Kennels make me love small business. Before finding Dogwood Farm, we were very hesitant to board our boxer (he can be hyper, play rough, etc). A few minutes after being at DFK, we were at ease. Josh is great with the initial meet, a very calm presence for a usually hyper dog. The kennels are very clean and the attached fenced lots are done very well. After introducing our pup to the pack, he gave us a tour and showed us what the weekend would look like for our dog.

Josh is quick to respond to texts checking up on your dog and we couldn't have asked for any more. The price is super reasonable and we (finally) had complete peace of mind on a vacation knowing our dog was in good hands.

If you're looking for an honest, hard working family to give you peace of mind and take great care of your dog - look no farther than Dogwood Farm Kennels!

Chloe Walters - January 2017

 Dogwood Farms was Luna's first time away from me. She is only 1 so I was super worried about leaving her. I can't stress enough that this is literally heaven for your pup. Josh and his team take such good care of the dogs - I know this because Luna feels right at home! She gets to play the whole day and is so exhausted when she comes home. I wish I could give Josh and Dogwood Farms 10 stars. He is so professional and friendly. The dogs love him and they just have such a blast. This isn't an ordinary kennel - this is a doggy resort! Since then I have taken Luna back for another week stay and she had a blast. She gets to be her social self, play the whole day, get loved on, and have a comfy place to sleep. Luna and I have found her home away from home!

Megan Marta - December 2016

 I would highly recommended Dogwood Farm Kennels to everyone. Josh is very knowledgeable about dogs, and I felt at ease leaving my baby, Sadie, there. It is a great environment for the dogs with plenty of room to play. I love how they have the facility set up. I will definitely be back. Thanks to everyone at Dogwood Farm Kennels!

Joel Picher - July 2016

 Dogwood Farm Kennels is an amazing place. It's truly the Hilton for canines. Not only does my canine friend love this state-of-the-art retreat, but the owners are intuitive dog whisperers, as well. When I drop off my dog, I know that he'll be loved and cared for as if he were at home. It never feels like work having to communicate with Josh and company, and it's super easy dropping off and picking up there. The dogs get extremely well-treated and loved. They get the best of everything, including playtime with each other. If you know what good vibes are, then you'll get them at Dogwood Farm, and your dog friends will love you all the more for sending them there. If you've got to board your dog for any amount of time, there's only one great option for you: It's Dogwood Farm!

Nicole Gary - July 2016

 I can't say enough great things about Josh and his team at Dogwood Farm Kennels. I simply refused to board our dogs before finding Josh. He is the only person I trust enough to care for them when we are out of town and can't take them with us. Our dogs are well cared for while in his care. They are always excited to see him, which tells me that he spends quality time with them and they know he is someone they can trust. The kennels are always clean and well maintained. He is great at responding quickly to texts when I check in on the dogs. He has even been so thoughtful as to send me pictures of them having fun. If you are looking for a kennel or grooming service for your dog - I highly recommend Dogwood Farm Kennels. I assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Rebecca Miller - April 2016

 I would highly recommend this kennel to any dog owner! I have left my German Shepherd Koda at Dogwood Farms on a few occasions when I have traveled out of state or out of the country and not been able to bring him. I was very nervous at first, as Koda is like my child and leaving him behind is difficult. Josh and Astrid put my mind at ease by showing me around the facility and sending me pictures of Koda playing with the other dogs a couple days into my trip! Knowing he is outside running around with other dogs for most of the day is a great feeling, considering most kennels keep the dogs in a small (but pricey) cage all day. Thanks again Josh and Astrid for taking such great care of Koda!

Kim Phillips - September 2015

 My husband and I along with our 2 dogs, Hank and Willy, visited Dogwood Farm Kennels to tour the facility and meet Josh. Right off the bat, we knew we had found our kennel. Josh was very professional and you could tell he actually loved doing what he does. We were told by a previous kennel that Hank wasn't "ready" to be around other dogs. We knew Hank was a love bug and couldn't believe that he would have to be pinned up away from everyone every time we kenneled him. So I went on a search and found Josh. Josh was willing to help Hank to get to where he would comingle. He was pretty optimistic that Hank would be fine around other dogs. A week later we scheduled a sleep over and in the same day Hank was playing with a lot of other dogs and of all different breeds! He comingled!! We were over the moon when we heard the news! I would recommend Josh and Dogwood Farm Kennels to everyone! I will not take our dogs anywhere else!! Thanks Dogwood Farm Kennels for easing our conscience about leaving Hank at the kennel.

Benjamin Gordon - July 3, 2015

 The Dogwood Farms team is amazing with my 2 boxers, Laila and Lucy, and I always feel completely comfortable leaving my girls with them. They get all of the exercise they can handle, and then have a 4 star suite to relax in. Not to mention, it is a great environment to socialize dogs. So happy to have found Dogwood Farms - We drive an hour each time we drop the dogs off, and it's well worth it! Would give 6 stars if I could!!

Sandra Brooks - July 7, 2015

 In the last week We have been using Josh and Astrid as long as they have been open. It is always a great experience. Our dog, Roscoe loves going there and spending his vacations socializing with other big dogs. The wide open spaces appeal to us since he lives on a farm and we didn't want him kenneled all day. Little did we know this would be his home away from home. Literally. After leaving Roscoe at Dogwood Farms a few times, he would leave our farm making the three mile hike on a whim to return to Dogwood farm to be with his friends. As embarrassing as it is that our dog would run away from home to the kennel speaks highly for the personal care that Dogwood Farms provides. Most recently was in response to the fireworks occurring too close to home. Roscoe left his lot and made his way back to his safe place at Dogwood Farms. Thank you Josh and Astrid for taking such good care of him. Sandy Brooks

Judy Kemler - July 10, 2014 

  It's always worrisome when you have to leave your dogs somewhere when you need to travel without them. But, it's never a problem at Dogwood Farm Kennels. The dogs are well cared for, have their own outdoor run, and also have tons of outdoor time to run and play with other dogs. My dogs are tired when they get home from so much fun. Joshua and his team are the best. And we love the pictures of the dogs that they send to us

Jolly Roger - June 12, 2014 

  We are so happy to have found Josh and his team! We were able to enjoy a much needed vacation without any worries at all about our "babies" Cannot recommend Dogwood Farm Kennels highly enough! Will use them again, and refer all of our family, friends and co-workers! Thanks guys! You are awesome!!!!!

Beth Collins - April 19, 2014 

  Your dogs should stay here. It has the well loved appearance of a favorite teddy bear, and is a slice of dogie heaven. My doberman had a huuuuge yard to herself and a very cozy kennel with run...You will notice immediately two things, there is no frantic unhappy barking from the residents, as they are all happily outside, romping. There is no pervasive smell of dog pee or poop, again the dogs are out pottying in the yards not where they will sleep and eat( what a concept!) Even in bad weather they are let outside to do their business. 5 times a day i was told, just like at my home. Josh and his family are very sweet and easy to deal with, allowing my dog to have her own bed, toys and food. I would board here again in a heart beat.

Karen Bowman - March 24, 2014

  Our Izzybelle loves going to Daycare. My husband says to her "you wanna go to the spa today" and she jumps up and wags her whole body! When we get there, she can't wait to get to the play area. Josh and Astrid have been wonderful to work with. Izzy is so full of energy that this has helped us tremendously. She is happy, socialized, and when we get her home her energy level is at a point that it a pleasure for us to have a puppy again. THANKS to Dogwood Farm Kennels!

Gottfried Gschnitzer - December 3, 2013 

 Josh and the DFK-Team are awesome. It seems like our two dogs were playing the whole day with the other dogs. Both were totally exhausted and slept the rest of the day after we picked them up in the morning. We received photos of them playing, as promised. The dog apartments are clean and do not smell at all. Thanks to Josh and Astrid. We will come back.

jnsdemilt - October 18, 2013 

 Great choice for boarding and grooming!

We were new to the neighborhood and decided to try Dogwood Farm Kennels to keep our dogs for a couple days. The facility a great, laid back place for the dogs and the family is very caring. They had a "suite" to share and plenty of area to play! We will be using them again for our next trip!

When I was leaving, Josh mentioned his mom, Wendy does grooming. I recently called her for help with our Goldendoodle and her constant matting. She gave me some great tips and tricks and trimmed my girl right up! She looks great and I am sure feels better, too! Thank you, Dogwood Farm Kennels!

Jeremy Edgell - June 14, 2012

  Josh & Astrid (and all of the other family at Dogwood Farm Kennels) are awesome. I don't board my dogs anywhere else. The first time I took my dogs to Dogwood Farm, I knew my vet's suggestion was right. The Kennels are clean and more than spacious, well heated in the winter and well ventilated. I don't think I've ever smelled that "typical kennel smell" while I've been there - which I think is important for dogs who have been to other kennels and potentially had a bad experience. The outside "yard" for dogs is HUGE. The dogs have the better part of (my estimation) an acre to play on all day and always come home happy and exhausted, but reinvigorated as any good vacation will do! My dogs know the drive to Dogwood Farm by heart, and as soon as we turn off Route 9, my Husky mix starts talking and telling me how excited he is to be going back. I'm sure yours will too.

twodawg ‎ - Jul 21, 2011

  I cannot say enough good things about Dogwood Farm Kennels. I feel completely at ease leaving my two "kids" with Josh and family. The dogs come home happy, healthy and full of energy. Everything about this facility is top-rate and it's squeaky clean too. I am forever grateful that I followed a hunch and called them the first time. They've now boarded my dogs four separate times and I will always use them in the future. Thank you Family!!! 

Ana ‎ - Jun 20, 2011 

  I would absolutely recommend Dogwood Farms Kennel. My dog is young and has lots of energy she needs to burn off. She is able to do that at Dogwood. They take pictures of her while she's playing and emails them afterwards. Afte looking at the photos I have no doubt that she has a blast while she's there. Astrid and Josh have a great place and my dog loves spending time there. I'm so happy I was able to find such a great place for my dog. 

Pat ‎ - Feb 6, 2011

  We love Dogwood Farms Kennel! ! Soft-spoken and kind Josh has shown the ultimate patience in helping our somewhat headstrong dog Spanky to walk with us, not drag us. Also, Spanky's socialization skills are much improved as a result of puppy day care. He always finds friends there and comes home totally tired from a day of play. An added bonus is that he also comes home CLEAN, thanks to the fabu grooming service. We feel good about leaving our dog there and highly recommend the facility. We concur that Dogwood Kennel is a great accommodation for a great price. Oh! Lucky dog, lucky dog...and lucky parents 

Erin ‎ - Jan 25, 2011

  I love Dogwood Farms Kennel and I highly recommend it to everyone. My dog is blind and sometimes had trouble getting to know other dogs and people, but she is doing great at Dogwood. She runs right up to Josh so I know she trusts him and is happy there. I can't have her in my current living situation for a few months, but I do get to visit her weekly and Josh is great about accommodating me. He really knows the dogs and their personalities, he is like the dog-whisperer. Dogwood is a great environment for a great price! 

Da- Jan 22, 2011

  A super boarding facility! I drive well out of my way to bring Artie to Dogwood when I'm out of town. He loves it. I love that he's out most of the day, romping with his canine buds. Josh understands the pack dynamic and knows which dogs get along well with each other. I appreciate that. The dogs like and respect him. The kennels are spacious and comfortable in summer and winter and the price is excellent. I feel totally confident leaving Artie at Dogwood. Wendy has given him the "spa" treatment. She's patient and caring. It's evident that she and Josh love their jobs. One more recommendation: from Artie! He starts wagging his tail as soon as he realizes where we're going. 

Nov 15, 2010

  Terrific grooming facility Wendy grooms both my dogs and they look great!! My standard poodle is well behaved but my little one is hard to deal with.Wendy is very patient with her and tho she will never enjoy being groomed, she is unafraid and calm when I pick her up. I have recommended Dogwood to my friends and family, both for grooming and day/overnight care. Everyone who has tried their services is as pleased as I am. 

Nov 10, 2010

  Great Grooming Facility. Wendy regularly grooms my two Poodles and does a wonderful job! One is fairly difficult, but Wendy patiently works with her until she looks great. The other one happily jumps in place by the grooming table asking to be lifted onto it. I take this as a good sign that they are unstressed, and happy, while in the care of Dogwood Kennels. I wholeheartedly recommend them for your grooming needs. 

Emily ‎ - Nov 9, 2010

  Dogwood Farm Kennels Dogwood Farm Kennels provides the absolute best care for dogs. You could not ask for greater peace of mind regarding the well being of your animals. Knowing that someone is on the property 24/7 ensures that you will pick up a happy, well cared for animal at the end of the stay. Josh takes time up front to understand your dog, its needs, personality, as well as what you, the owner expect. There are three fenced fields where dogs can play or just rest in the sun. Josh sends photos of the dog's stay - so you know what a great time he/she is having. Dogwood Farm should be first on your list when you need a place that is almost like "home". 

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